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Alppila Upper Secondary School

The renovation of Alppila High School began in 2017 and the building was completed by the autumn semester of 2019. The building represents the architecture of the 50s, the design language of which served as the starting point for our loose furniture design. The floors were designed with their own color schemes, but the furniture also worked flexibly between the floors. The shades are based on the broken colors of the 50s. The tinted frames of the furniture, the upholstery and the stain tones found through the experiments create beautiful color harmonies.

The new facilities were intended to be the flagship for the diverse and flexible learning environments of the future. Ergonomics, stackability, portability and combinability allow for different learning situations anywhere.
The different needs of the facilities were carefully taken into account. For example, a ballroom transforms from a party room into a reading room or a test situation, depending on usage. The repetitive furniture on the floors communicates the kind of work they are intended for. The narrow corridors have vertical tables for quicker stops, more relaxed groups of sofas and laptops at the ends of the corridors, inviting furniture to work together in the lobby, and large armchairs for concentrating alone. In addition, the dining room was expanded to make the space as versatile as possible even after lunch. The oak-lined benches with their vegetable walls, combined with chairs with metal frames, invite their breaks. Loose furniture works beautifully as part of the architecture and modern learning environment. Renovation of old furniture was part of the ecological and layered design.


Photography: Patrik Rastenberger







alppilan lukio