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Neste Keilaniemi official premises

Neste official premises were completely redesigned when the building was renovated. The goal was to create a classical and high-quality space that feels modern and fresh. The premises were designed with new furniture, surfaces and lighting.

The large windows in the building open onto a wonderful scenery of the sea, and this is highlighted by natural color and material choices in the interior design. Inspiration for the design was derived from beautiful Finnish nature. The overall color and material palette consists of genuine materials and natural shades that match the landscape seen from the windows.

We have paid attention to the smallest details and we have been particularly focused on the use of different materials. We designed a lot of specialized furniture from wood, stone and brass for this project. The furniture details are designed so that genuine materials are best highlighted.

Neste Keilaniemi official premises, 2018

Photos: Patrik Rastenberger