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Efima official premises

Efima’s relaxed fifth floor has a new look. The open space with high ceilings is now designed for customer meetings, events, celebrations and after-work gatherings. The goal was to create a very flexible space for many situations such as events and parties or after-work meets. We have made bold design choices with the employees at Efima and together we wanted to create a special space that would be unforgettable for both users and customers.

We made many innovative material choices for this project. Many floor layers were removed until a concrete surface was revealed. The bar counter is from the unique Terrazzo material. The steel surface for the bar wall is acid-treated to look more aged. Experimental epoxy surfaces were made for this project and the personnel at Efima took part in the making of the fun surface patterns.  In addition, acoustic textile mats were used in the conference rooms.

In addition to the various materials used, there are plenty of special furniture such as an auditorium-like piece of furniture for events, which also serves as a storage space. Many events are organized in the premises, which is why the mobility of furniture is very important.

The mindfulness room is an important space for the Efima personnel because it reminds them of a trip they took together. The whole team went to Greece and stayed on the Agia Efima island and they all brought a few rocks back to Finland with them. Now the rocks and an image taken from the island are in the mindfulness room where the employees can relax.

During this project we made used innovative and bold decisions together with the users and the result is an enjoyable space that is used for cool events as well as relaxed gatherings.