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Karhusuo primary school

Karhusuo Primary School was designed together with Niipper School. Karhusuo School is also located in the woods of northern Espoo. It was hoped that the new facilities would reflect the closeness to nature and provide enriching experiences for diverse learners in a variety of learning spaces.


At Karhusuo School, the focus of loose furniture is on versatility, versatility and supporting future learning styles. In the school, all facilities are meant to be oases of learning, where coziness and comfort are emphasized. In the canteen as well as in the hallways, you can do tasks as a group or alone as you focus on working in the classroom. The facilities were fresh and inviting. Highly acoustic floor mats and upholstery add coziness in addition to textile surfaces with a good and peaceful sound world. The idea of ​​a mobile school inspired users and designers to create physically active and diverse teaching spaces where each student can find a suitable way to work. The facilities and furniture were carefully selected taking into account diverse learning and different teaching situations.


The design was done in close collaboration with the users. With the help of the principal, enthusiastic students were involved in the planning. The design team formed by the students researched different furniture choices by testing and considering their usage properties together with the designers. The loose furniture has taken special account of the child’s sizing and ergonomics, as well as their needs in diverse school work.


Karhusuo School, 2017


Photos: Patrik Rastenberger