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Institute of Marketing & Rastor / Workspaces

The Institute of Marketing and Rastor multi-space office were designed closely with the end users. The customer’s wish was a modern, individual design inspired by nature with lots of green plants and colors.

Numerous workshops gave plenty of ideas for the office design. For example, for group work and individual work requiring concentration, a wooden cottage village was created with silent working rooms of varying sizes, phone booths and group rooms for 2-4 people. The multi-space office was designed with many unique furniture solutions customized for the customer.

The multi-space office is divided into zones that are different regarding sound level and atmosphere. We created casual and common workspaces, for example, the living room and the marketplace zones for spontaneous encounters. The library and the quiet workspace are used for more concentration-intensive work. The workstations are divided by teams.

Institute of Marketing and Rastor Learning Environments ->


Photos by Patrik Rastenberger

Institute of Marketing and Rastor, 2017

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