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Metropolia Arabia campus

We designed the Metropolia creative industries campus in the premises of the legendary former Arabia factory and art college TAIK.

Like the best projects in general, this campus was also designed in close cooperation with the architect, users and other designers. The planning of the campus started through user initial information, user interviews and participation. We went through sketches and furniture with the users and modified the plans as needed. We worked very closely with Tommila architects. Great insights emerged in the process, such as changing the 1st floor conference room into a pop-up store that students were longing for.

The starting point for the design was to bring many different fields together into one unified campus - still preserving each unique identity. We wanted to create inspiring, modern work and study spaces that support and encourage versatile use and learning. In color and material design, the surrounding environment and history were strongly considered.

Sustainability is an important pillar of our design. This is supported by high-quality furniture and textile choices. The selected furniture is for the most part Finnish and Nordic products.

2021, Metropolia Arabia campus

Photos: Patrik Rastenberger