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Neste official premises

Neste’s conference and representation facilities in the archipelago landscape underwent a comprehensive change during the renovation. The complex, which consists of several buildings, was designed in collaboration with Siren Architects. The aim was to create a warm-hearted representation space suitable for the archipelago landscape.


Large windows open to the seascape from all sides and this was wanted to emphasize with natural choices. The color and material palette of the whole consists of genuine materials and shades of gray and brown. Copper was naturally chosen because of the dominant open-hearth copper fireplace in the living room.


Attention has been paid to the smallest details. We designed a lot of custom-made furniture in wood, stone and copper. The details of the special furniture are designed so that the skills of fine carpenters and the nature of genuine materials come to the fore.


Neste representative offices, 2017


Photos: Patrik Rastenberger