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Pääskypelto servicehome

Pääskypello’s service home is an enhanced service housing service house completed in January 2019 in Porvoo. Each group home has shared living and dining areas, as well as a kitchen and living area for residents and relatives to use. The furniture and materials created freshness and timelessness in the space. The main thing in the design was that the facilities feel cozy but are still practical. The themes of the departments Luoto, Mustikkametsä, Tammilehto and Rantavaja found their inspiration in the surrounding nature and history. The identity of the premises was emphasized with the photographic wallpapers of the local Photographer, who brought the nature of Porvoo inside the living rooms. Old paintings and objects also found their place in the holiday of new furniture.

Pääskypello service home, 2019


Photos: Patrik Rastenberger