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Voltti in Pitäjänmäki

Pitäjänmäki Volt's completely renovated facilities offer tenants functional facilities for efficient work and comfortable public spaces for versatile activities.

The lobby got a new fresh look and the whole restaurant was opened into an attractive oasis as part of the lobby. In this way, the interface between the restaurant and the work was also faded, and the facilities worked for everyone as needed.

In the design of the restaurant, it was important to improve the acoustics of the noisy space and make use of the space outside of lunchtime. With comfortable lodges, space division and flexible cabinet spaces, the spaces are now in continuous use. In addition, the premises feature a completely revamped meeting room with modern meeting rooms of various sizes for the use of all employees in the house.

The unified look of the premises was designed in close cooperation with Tommila Arkkitehdit Oy. Central values in the design are durable materials, ecology and a look that will endure the test of time.

2020, Pitäjänmäki Voltti
Photos: Tuomas Uusheimo