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Porvoo Campus

The Porvoo Campus was planned to bring together two universities under one roof.

Sistem Oy’s task was to create a new learning environment furniture concept. The website of the Porvoo Campus explains how “The campus, designed by Siren Arkkitehdit Oy and decorated by Sistem Oy, represents a new way of thinking and using space. Both the activity itself and the use of the space are characterized by openness and encounters that aim to promote learning together and the sharing of knowledge. ”

Continuous interaction was created by creating meeting places. In addition to the teaching facilities, the design task included teachers’ open-plan office space, a multi-purpose hall with cafés and a restaurant. The cooperation with the architect was close, which is reflected in the unity of the premises and furniture. The destination has become a popular example of a future learning environment.

Photos by Patrik Rastenberger.