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Soiva – new music building

Interior design of the learning and work environment:
Soiva new building brings together the music students and professionals of Metropolia and Pop & Jazz Conservatory. 

The chords and colors of music serve as inspiration for architecture and furniture. The aim of the furniture design was to strengthen the rhythm of the building's architecture. 

In the furniture design, special attention was paid to the ergonomics of the furniture to enable very versatile learning and working. The building's style was reinforced with the color design and material choices, and the entire project was planned in close cooperation with the architect. 

The atmosphere in the lecture and study rooms is pleasant and calm. The furniture, such as student desks, chairs and general chairs, are quite minimalistic and thus give space to the building. In contrast to the more unadorned bigger picture we wanted to bring more prestige, interesting forms and rhythm to the central spaces, such as the Megora and lobby spaces, the teacher's room and the corridors. Soft furnishings create a contrast to the angularity of the architecture. Unity between spaces is essential, as the spaces take shape in several floors and between different teaching groups.

Soiva, 2021
Photos: Patrik Rastenberger