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Office and representative premises: Hartwall

For Hartwall’s headquarters we wanted to create an inviting look that reflects the company’s motto – Finland’s freshest office. The lobby was transformed into a meeting and event space for the entire staff. You can see the company’s renewed core right from the front door, a representative space that brings people together in the heart of the office.

All surfaces, lighting and fixed furniture were renewed. We took advantage of beautiful old classic furniture by reupholstering it. In the coloring, Hartwall’s blue is prominent, but combined with cheerful and delicious contrasting colors. The large curved striped sofa invites you to have a relaxed coffee, and the large mirror surfaces multiply the amount of natural light from the windows on the top floor. The curved shapes of the floor and the dark blue shimmering pond-like sparkle make the space an experience. As a fun detail related to Hartwall, the large table is seated with recycled press material from drinking bottles. A lot of hidden details were planned for the lobby kitchen due to the large selection of drinks and the recycling of drinks. However, the whole was made to look uniform and look as desired with different special materials that give the space a material feel, even though they are the same shade.

At the same time, all the kitchen and sanitary facilities on the floor were renovated to match the new look.

In cooperation with Tommila Arkkitehdit Oy.

Photos: Patrik Rastenberger, 2022