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Vesala Elementary School

The expansion of Vesala Elementary School was completed in the fall semester of 2019. In addition to the furniture for the extension, we were able to design the furniture for the old side canteen.


With the expansion, open learning spaces and cells were created in the school. Each cell was designed with its own color worlds, but the furniture also worked flexibly between cells. The furniture was tied together to the carpet and acoustic surfaces of the cells and to the broken tones found in the surrounding nature.


It was hoped that the new premises would be open, versatile and adaptable. Ergonomics, stackability, portability and the combination of furniture enable different learning situations anywhere.


The round group desks, higher vertical desks and movable auditorium furniture in the open study halls enable versatile use even outside the classroom. Versatile, yet uniform furniture allows furniture to be moved within cells as needed. The old stackable chairs were refurbished to sit in the color scheme of each cell.


The canteen was furnished by renovating old tables, benches and chairs found at the school. These were supplemented by the addition of new round oak tables.


The natural inspiration for color and material design came from the school’s greenhouse, around which the canteen wraps. The different shades of green, the natural softness of the wood, and the shimmers of terracotta bind the spaces strongly together.


The refurbishment of the old furniture was part of an ecological and layered design that also sought to honor the school’s multi-stage building history.


Vesala Elementary School, 2019


Pictures: Patrik Rastenberger