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Viikki campus

The renovated facilities of the learning center located on the Viikki campus were put into use in early 2022. The university's space division and function allocation were completely renewed to meet the needs of the University of Helsinki's staff, students and visitors.

The Viikki campus is home to several different disciplines, for which the center will be transformed into an independent meeting and study place. The center is open to everyone thirsty for knowledge, and the Unicafe restaurant world built on the premises also serves the residents of the area.

The spaces were divided into several different sound zone entities. The design took into account the suitability of the spaces for work that requires concentration, as well as for working together and meeting in the versatile spaces of the library.

Group and lecture rooms of different sizes were created on the basement floor, as well as work spaces suitable for quiet work that requires concentration.

The first floor serves as the heart of the center. It combines the facilities of the university, the Helsinki city library and Unicafe. The greenhouses attract inspiration, the furniture enables creative collaboration and casual popping by. The floor also houses Finland's first vineyard-type auditorium for approx. 400 people, which contains different areas and levels and where students can participate in the teaching. The auditorium can also be converted into a group work and event space.

Comprehensive book collections are located on the second floor. The surrounding spaces lend themselves to versatile ways of working. The premises are flexible and modular for the changing needs of the future.

2022, Viikki campus
Photos: Patrik Rastenberger